Roger Kisiel

Roger Kisiel
Adjunct Professor
Franklin University

Roger Kisiel has been presented with many different career opportunities, all of which have required leadership attributes. He has been a combat-tested Naval Aviator and Test Pilot; a food service franchisee and corporate executive; a non-profit CEO and Interim CEO; a consultant for some specific organizations; and an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University for the past 11 years. He is currently a principal in an IT start-up company. Roger embraces a "consultative and engaging"€ style of leadership.

€œLeadership Lessons Learned and Experienced on the Job

Leaders are not born with all the “traits” that define leadership. Instead most leadership attributes are gained through skills ("learned traits") and attitudes (chosen states), which can be adjusted through experience. With this in mind we can look at some lessons in leadership that can be learned and experienced in the work place, on the job, and in real life:

  • When you get the chance to lead (and everyone will), LEAD!
  • Collaboration trumps Absolute Authority.
  • When and how to lead and manage your Boss! In this presentation, we will examine real life stories to illustrate and highlight these three topics.