Rob McCleland

Rob McCleland, Ph.D.
CEO | Certified Coach, John Maxwell Team | Ministry Partner, EQUIP

Dr. Rob McCleland is truly more passionate about leadership today than he has been in his 25 years of leading organizations. He’s led a college campus in Washington, DC, a Medical Foundation in the Silicon Valley, and an International nonprofit with hospitals and schools around the globe. John Maxwell’s recruited Rob to lead EQUIP Leadership, the world’s largest organization of it’s kind. Rob says, “I’m going to spend the rest of my life studying the research and making daily growth available to younger leaders.” To that end, he recently launched

Rob has an earned Master's and a PhD in Organizational Leadership. His doctoral dissertation is in the arena of Executive Coaching. He loves to work with leadership teams that need game-changing breakthroughs in the areas of authenticity, trust, strategy and clarity. He has been married to Dawn for 30+ years, and has two remarkable grandchildren, Parker and Aria.