Bob Cich

Bob Cich

Priority Management

For the last twenty-one years Bob Cich has helped all types of busy professionals become more organized, productive, focused, and effective enabling them to become more successful.

Bob graduated from Kent State University with a Business Degree majoring in Industrial Management. Ten years later he received a Masters Degree in Management Science from the University of Akron.

After spending twenty-five years in management and executive positions in the computer, automotive, and defense industries, Bob started his own business in Dublin, Ohio in 1994 in association with an international training and development company, Priority Management. In this capacity Bob conducts training through group workshops, seminars, personal coaching sessions, live internet WebShop training, and Bob has also become a recognized professional speaker locally and nationally.

In addition for the last three years Bob has worked as an Adjunct Professor at Franklin University teaching “Organizational Behavior” and recently won the Teaching Excellence Award for 2014.

His focus is in the area of Time Management and Goal Setting helping people develop the skills to become more effective.  His 4,000+ clients include business owners, executives, managers, salespeople, accountants, administrative assistants, etc., and he has worked in all industries. The one problem that busy leaders have in common is not enough time in a day to do all they want to do.

Bob conducts his training around formalized planning systems such as paper based planners or electronic tools like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Smart Phones, etc. recognizing that the tools used are immaterial.  What is important is to develop best practice behaviors to use the tools effectively to better manage yourself and your business.