Andy Balser

Andy Balser
Product Manager - AVMOSYS, Vice President, Customer and Vendor Experience
ARGUS International, Inc.

Andy knows customer service. He has lived it and breathed it for over twenty years now. From his early years in account management roles to becoming a seasoned Customer Experience executive today, Andy has learned what extraordinary customer service looks like and how to methodically institute both a culture of service and an experience roadmap into an organization. His professional experience includes senior leadership roles in global companies NEXUS, Hawker Beechcraft, and ARGUS International and well as leading the Customer Service department for NetJets, one of the world’s most respected and service-oriented brands. Additionally, Andy has used his passion for service to help coach a better guest service delivery and experience within wonderful charitable organizations like Make-A-Wish and, currently, A Kid Again.

A Leadership Framework for Service Excellence 

The term "Customer Experience"€ has become very trendy. Many organizations use it as a rallying cry to promote their self-described focus on customer service. Where those companies fail, however, is actually "walking the walk"€ when it comes to truly instituting a culture of service and having a plan for what the Customer Experience does look like and SHOULD look like. It takes leadership to champion change, break down those silos we are all used to, think of the customer journey from an outside-in perspective, and understand that customers are indeed emotional, and sometimes irrational, beings who need a "designed"€™ experience with this in mind. In this presentation, Andy will summarize the core foundational pieces for you to use so that you can develop a thoughtful, caring, and deliberate Customer Experience that will create value for your customers and loyal fans for your organization. This includes:

  • Knowing Your Customers
  • Value of a Customer Experience or Mission Statement
  • Importance of Service Pillars
  • The Customer Experience Map
  • The Experience Itself (and How it is NOT the same as Satisfaction) Join us for an enlightening hour of discussion and prepare to start really thinking about your customers and the service experience they are receiving from your organization.